Crystal Security

Create a blacklist of suspicious files and get rid of them


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Scan your computer looking for suspicious files and automatically create lists where you can separate the corrupted or infected files from those that are completely harmless.

It works like a normal anti-virus program, scanning your system looking for danger and malware that could damage your computer. However, it also categorizes what it finds either as harmful elements or as items that are simply suspicious. Using these lists, you can delete any file that could be really dangerous or carefully examine the items that the search has flagged as inappropriate, which are sometimes not harmful at all.

On the other hand, you can also move files from the whitelist to the blacklist with a simple click. You can also simply keep the protection active so that suspicious items automatically appear on the blacklist in the future without having to scan your computer.
By Álvaro Toledo

Added new Dynamic engine
Added new Settings
Improved Shell integration
Improved User interface
Improved performance and other features

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